Community Involvement

Hap Seng Plantations plays an active role in facilitating and assisting the communities in which its operate. Its operation has resulted in bringing about positive impact to the local communities by raising their income and living standards.

The construction of the 17km length, all weather gravelled road at Pelipikan Estate allows villagers from Kampung Piso, Talantang, Sunsui and Pelipikan to travel safely to the nearby towns to market their produce while the plantations opens up a new opportunity for employment as well as an avenue to market their local produce.

Moreover, the medical facilities in the plantations are made accessible to the local communities. Hap Seng Plantations has established centralised medical facilities that are maintained at all 3 plantation groups. Beside the availability of X-Ray facility at Sungai Segama Central Clinic, a total of 24 beds medical wards are provided. A new block of centralised clinic was built at Batangan Estate in 2013.

These medical services are made available at no cost and have greatly benefitted the neighbouring Kampong Litang residents.

In addition, as part of the Group’s Community Outreach services, the group estates also conduct joint vaccination campaign with the Medical Officers from the Health Department to the villagers.

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The ferry service at Litang Estate allows easier, safer and free access for the local communities.