Biodiversity Conservation

Hap Seng Plantations allocated significant area within its landbank as High Conservation Value area. The Group took the initiative to conduct assessment to identify the diverse flora and fauna inhabiting the area and formulated effective conservation management plan.

The Group enforced a strict No Hunting Policy and takes appropriate action against encroachment into the designated conservation areas under its management purview. Ongoing protection and monitoring of the rich biodiversity area are conducted in accordance to the Sabah Wildlife Enactments and the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List.

Relevant policies to support biodiversity conservation:

Monitoring the buffer zone of forest reserves adjacent to Hap Seng Plantations' estates.
Camera trap installed to monitor the biodiversity (fauna) at Bukit Kibos.
Natural predator-Assassin Bug.
Frilled tree frog-Rhacophorus appendiculatus.
Rare floral of Bukit Kibos-Begonia sp.