Environmental Sustainability

Hap Seng Plantations developed relevant policies and systems to ensure its operations are adhering to the mandated environmental requirements. The Group focuses on biodiversity conservation measures and environmental protection, with a long-term plan to enrich the surrounding biodiversity and ecosystem.

Quality of the generated wastewater is continuously monitored to ensure it meets the requirements regulated by the Department of Environment, which also aligns to the Group's water management plan. Rainwater harvesting system has been implemented to ensure sustainable water supply for the operations and domestic consumption.

The Group recognises that climate change is a significant threat and is committed to reducing its carbon emissions through progressive transition to renewable energy and improvement in energy use efficiency. Regular monitoring on potential deforestation and fire incident are also being regularly conducted throughout the supply chain to minimise the risk of indirect carbon emissions from the operations.

Relevant policies to support environmental sustainability:

Fire Hotspot Monitoring Report


Deforestation Monitoring Report

Biogas facility at Bukit Mas Palm Oil Mill.
POME management at Bukit Mas Palm Oil Mill