Oil Palm Plantations

Hap Seng Plantations covers 39,803 hectares and are based mainly in the Lahad Datu region in Sabah. Hap Seng Plantations operates on one contiguous block of plantation land of approximately 36,354 hectares between Lahad Datu and Sandakan region, consisting of three Groups of Oil Palm Estates – Tomanggong Group of Estates, Sungai Segama Group of Estates, Jeroco Group of Estates. In addition, it also has two smaller plantations of 1,276 hectares in Tawau and 2,173 hectares in Kota Marudu, known as the Ladang Kawa Estate and Pelipikan Estate, respectively.

In total, 35,697 hectares of planted area comprises 30,455 hectares of matured oil palm and 5,096 hectares of immature plantings.

Our Milling Operations

Our main milling operations are based in four of our estates - Jeroco Palm Oil Mill 1, Jeroco Palm Oil Mill 2, Tomanggong Palm Oil Mill and Bukit Mas Palm Oil Mill – and have a combined milling capacity of 175 FFB tonnes per hour.

The milling process usually takes place within 24 hours of harvesting of the Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB). The harvested FFB are first transported to be sterilised at the palm oil mills before the palm fruits are separated from the palm bunches.

The sterilisation process involved the application of high pressure steam. After steaming, the palm fruitlets are collected and crushed in a pressing machine resulting in the production of crude palm oil (CPO) and palm kernel. A centrifuge separates the waste and the liquid (water from CPO), with the cleared CPO collected and sent for refining.

The palm kernel nut is then sent for crushing while the empty fruit bunches and liquid wastes are recycled as fertilisers for use in the plantations.

Towards Sustainability

Moving towards sustainability, all four of its mills have obtained RSPO certification. The Bukit Mas Palm Oil Mill was the first mill to obtain its RSPO certification (May 2012). This was followed by the Jeroco Palm Oil Mill 1 and Jeroco Palm Oil Mill 2.

The certification process of Tomanggong Palm Oil Mill, its fourth mill, was completed at the end 2014. With all mills RSPO certified, our mills and estates are now internationally accredited as a sustainable palm oil producer in compliance with global standards of production.