Employee Welfare

As our employees are an integral part of our success, we adhere to a firm policy on training and education for all our employees, including their children.

Hap Seng Plantations established a partnership with the Humana Learning Centres back in 1999 with the goal of supporting the education of its workers’ children. Through funding of the Humana Learning Centres, Hap Seng Plantations is now catering to more than 750 children. A new four classrooms Humana Learning Centre at Tomanggong Estate was added to the fold, with an additional 185 children receiving basic education guided by four teachers.

On 4 December 2013, we conducted a second graduation ceremony at Human School No. 159, Sungai Segama Group of Estates (SSGOE). This marked yet another milestone for Hap Seng Plantations in empowering its staff by making education accessible to their children.

This educational initiative was carried out in collaboration with the Humana Children Aid Society Sabah, with the aim of providing formal education to children of its staff living within the Group’s Sungai Segama Group of Estates since 2011.

With the setting up of these centres in the Jeroco, Tomanggong and Sungai Segama Group of Estates, basic education is made available to children who previously have little access due to geographical distance, financial and support constraints.

To this end, the Group continues to place an emphasis in the continuous training of our employees and providing a competitive remuneration and benefits programme. In addition, modern amenities including living quarters, medical facilities, crèches, schools and recreational facilities have been provided to improve the standard of living among our staff and workers.

Focus is also given to workers healthcare in Hap Seng Plantations with centralised medical facilities maintained at all 3 plantation groups. Beside the availability of X-Ray facility at Sungai Segama Central Clinic, a total of 24 beds medical wards are provided. A new block of centralised clinic was built at Batangan Estate in 2013. This new facility will meet the healthcare needs of the Jeroco Group of Estates.

Frilled tree frog-Rhacophorus appendiculatus.